“You are already confident, you talk to pretty girls, but for whatever reason, you don’t seem to connect with them.

You know techniques, you have been practicing, you have been going out, but you know something is not clicking.

Axel will tell you exactly how to solve it

Get the secrets about meaningful & casual relationships

Who This Is For

We mentor analytic and successful men to become total leaders of their lives and live their romantic, personal and professional life the way they want.

You Are:

◾ A smart man who seeks excellence

◾A man who wants to connect with women and people

◾ Someone who wants to maximize and optimize his potential in dating and relationships

◾ A man who wants to be limitless

Maybe You Feel:

◾ that women you strongly desire ignore you

◾ You feel confident but still don’t have the results you want

◾ Previous relationships  were based on luck and turned out to be unfulfilling and unempowering

◾ There is a lack of passion, meaning, understanding, and freedom in your dating life

You Think To Yourself:

◾ “I am afraid of wasting precious time, making wrong decisions and waking up at 60 years old full of regret.”

◾ “I want to create meaningful moments full of passion, excitement and freedom with the right women.”

◾ “I refuse to settle for mediocrity. I am a smart and confident man I deserve the best”

What We Do

We commit to provide you with the right tools in order to switch your mindset and accomplish success, both personally and professionally. Our personalized programs are tailored to your needs and designed to get your dating success.

Discover and develop your hidden potential to be genuinely, naturally attractive

Reveal your powerful communication skills to date more frequently, more successfully and anywhere

Direct relationships the way you wish, to ensure you that they ignite passion and fulfill your deepest desires

Who Is Axel Maaw?

I specialize in helping men feel comfortable in their skins and get the women they want.

Awards, Titles, and Designations:

  • Became “famous” globally for awesome adventures
  • And for teaching men how to be confident and attractive to have the power, courage, and sex appeal to find girlfriends or casual sex
  • Also teaching them how to find their passions, how to build their lives, businesses and transform them completely


  • Public Speaker and International Coach
  • Motivator
  • Author of 3 books, including:

Success Stories

“Is not comparable having a live person that gives you a solution for your particular problem, It’s really the best thing that anyone must do. The best takeaway I got is that I had to do it earlier.”
Andreas P.
Athens, Greece.
"I learned with Axel was to notice little details. Even with my girlfriend it started to go much better because I needed to reach a higher level of worth and I felt that to get to the higher level I needed to meet some of those properties, like being dominant and fun. I recommend a mentorship with Axel."
Erwin G.
Paris, France
“I learned many new dynamics, I had many mistakes in my social calibration, connection, and when talking. I needed someone to tell me these mistakes. Even the body posture and others problems. Alone is not possible to fix all of these. Axel corrects all those issues.”
Arthur C.
Cluj, Romania.
“I had great success. So if you are thinking to be mentored by Axel, my suggestion is – DO IT. You will see the results and thank yourself later”
Cristopher F.
Berlin, Germany.
"My biggest takeaway: get out of my comfort zone, increase my skills in communicating, and feel confident in order to not feel the social anxiety. My life is now more fulfilled."
Marcello D.
Milano, Italy
"It was worth the money. I mean, IT WAS WORTH 10 TIMES THE MONEY! I identified my main problems thanks to Axel. He told me what I needed to fix to get to the next level. I got excellent results."
Asher T.
Berlin, Germany
"I was mentored during a music festival. The biggest takeaway for me was, not to have excuses. Anyone can do it. There is no risk."
John P.
London, UK
"After this, I feel a lot more happiness in my life. I made decisions that I would not have been confident to make without it."
Luke H.
Vienna, Austria
“It was amazing to see how much I was wrong in the approach with women and I didn't know that I was doing incorrectly so many things. That was stopping me to have good results with them.”
Gianni Filacchione
Florence, Italy.
"I think that is very important, for everybody, to be mentored. For every person that wants to improve skills to get the women desired. I had a great experience. Axel made me change in order to connect with the girls I wanted.”
Marcello Bianchi Cossu
Florence, Italy



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